Wednesday "Life Groups"

Currently our Life Group is meeting on Wednesdays at 6:30















We have Kids 4 Truth which meets in the gym. Find out more about our Kids 4 Truth at 


During that time our adults meet in the basement in a comfortable and intimate environment. 

We just finished studying  


Big Idea of the Series: The goal of any follower of Christ is to become more like him. Our entire lives are pointing us in that direction. However, sometimes we fail to truly see that while we participate, it is God who is changing us. He is setting us apart as his own and shaping us to be with him forever. It is not an overnight success, it will come only as he has decided. We just have to trust the process. We cannot expect to grow unless we are willing to let God lead us in the process. The materials are available for your to pick up or you can email us at 

We are now starting This study on sanctification and becoming who God declares us as in Jesus Christ.